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Camping Safaris to Africa

By camping for much of the time, simple camping safaris offer the best of Africa at a very reasonable cost. If this conjures up unpleasant images of boy scouts under battered canvas in damp drizzle, take it from us that camping safaris in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Tanzania are very different.

Camping safaris to Africa are a great way to maximise your time outdoors. Each safari is led by a professional guide, who also acts as your driver. The other important person on many of these camping safaris is the assistant. Whilst we may ask you to put up your own tent, the camp assistant will take care of most other camp chores, leaving you and your guide more time to relax and chat about your camping safari experiences.

Good-quality camping equipment is supplied on camping safaris to Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania and Zambia in Africa, including two-person igloo-style tents, comfortable foam mattresses with sleeping bags or bedding, and camp chairs. Bathroom facilities on these camping safaris are often shared but there's almost always hot water available! Transport for these camping safaris is usually in a specially adapted vehicle with large windows from which to enjoy the sweeping vistas, an often a pop-top room for optimised game viewing.

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Our Camping Safaris

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Price from £634 Taste of Namibia Safari
This interactive camping adventure incorporates Namibia's top two attractions, Etosha National Park and the Namib Desert, in a short and reasonably priced safari.
Duration 8 days   Max group size 14

Price from £790 Southern Namibia Desert Adventure
This camping safari adventure explores southern Namibia's vast desert landscapes, from the top of the world's tallest dunes to the depths of Fish River Canyon.
Duration 9 days   Max group size 14

Price from £790 Northern Namibia Camping Safari
This memorable camping safari to Namibia offers both adventure and comfort whilst seeking out wonderful wildlife and cultural experiences in Okonjima, Etosha, Damaraland and the Skeleton Coast.
Duration 9 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1032 Three Country African Adventure
An interactive camping safari that visits Mahango Game Reserve and Caprivi Strip in Namibia, the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park in Botswana and Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.
Duration 10 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1059 Namibia Highlights Camping Safari
Explore Namibia's highlights, stunning scenery and wildlife with your safari guide whilst staying in easy-to-erect dome tents on this memorable camping adventure.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1126 Namibia Discovery Safari
Discover Namibia's diverse and captivating attractions, wildlife and cultures from Etosha, Damaraland and Sossusvlei to the remote Kaokoland and Namib Desert on this camping safari.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1391 Namibia Family Camping Adventure
Immerse your family in the wonders of the great outdoors on this fun, educational and interactive camping safari encompassing Namibia's top desert and wildlife highlights.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1406 Namibia & Botswana Safari
Discover the Namib Desert, local culture, fantastic sights and diverse wildlife on this memorable relaxed camping safari through Namibia and Botswana to Victoria Falls.
Duration 15 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1522 Great Namibia Camping Adventure
This Namibia camping safari has it all, combining the best of the country's spectacular desert landscapes in the south with remarkable northern attractions like Etosha's wildlife.
Duration 16 days   Max group size 14

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