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Photography Holidays

Arguably, any safari or adventure to southern Africa would offer numerous photographic opportunities and no one who travels there should be without a camera. Namibia has some of the most spectacular and photogenic scenery of anywhere in the world whilst Botswana allows wildlife photographers some of the best environments and conditions to work in.

The safaris listed below are especially suited to photographers. This may be because the safari guides are trained and experienced in helping you find the best position and the best light for your photographs. It may also be because the small group size on the particular adventure allows each passenger a window seat. We have also noted any private safaris, as this style of adventure allows you full flexibility on length and timing of activities - you can take photographs to your hearts content!

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Our Photography Holidays

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Price from £630 Taste of Namibia Safari
There are countless opportunities for photography of Namibia's spectacular desert landscapes and captivating wildlife on this interactive camping holiday.
Duration 8 days   Max group size 14

Price from £786 Northern Namibia Camping Safari
Return home after your camping holiday with a gallery of wonderful photography and timeless memories of some of northern Namibia's best safari attractions.
Duration 9 days   Max group size 14

Price from £786 Southern Namibia Desert Adventure
Southern Namibia is a photography holiday wonderland with breathtaking desert landscapes at every turn, photogenic Quiver Trees, derelict ghost towns and striking sunrises and sunsets.
Duration 9 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1026 Three Country African Adventure
Captivating close up wildlife sightings, beautiful and varied scenery, and different cultures and village life offers great photography on this camping safari holiday to Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe.
Duration 10 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1053 Namibia Highlights Camping Safari
Capture a wide variety of photography on this camping holiday which encompasses some of Namibia's top highlights.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1119 Namibia Discovery Safari
Enhance your photography skills with a range of captivating subjects from spectacular landscapes and amazing wildlife to photogenic people on this camping holiday to Namibia.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1397 Namibia & Botswana Safari
This camping holiday includes fantastic scenery, culture and diverse wildlife photography as you safari through a variety of regions and reserves between Namibia, Botswana and Victoria Falls.
Duration 15 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1513 Great Namibia Camping Adventure
Namibia has long been a favourite destination for photography holidays due to its dramatic landscapes, unusual cultures and wonderful wildlife - all of which are incorporated into this one camping safari.
Duration 16 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1999 Namibia Wilderness Safari
Landscape and wildlife photography opportunities are plentiful on this mobile camping and lodge holiday to Namibia, staying in stunning wilderness locations and visiting remarkable sites.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 8

Price from £2098 Classic Namibia Experience
Capture classic Namibia images of wildlife, dunes and people on this lodge and luxury camping holiday with photography highlights in every location.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 8

Price from £2397 Ultimate Namibia Journey
Namibia offers countless photographic opportunities. Your guide during this Namibia lodge safari will ensure you can maximise your photography during your holiday.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 7

Price from £2534 Travel Tanzania Lodge Safari
4WD safari vehicles with large windows and a pop-top roof offer great photographic opportunities in the top wildlife reserves visited on this Tanzania lodge safari.
Duration 7 days   Max group size 14

Price from £3265 Luxury Tanzania African Safari
Only 4 passengers to a vehicle, large windows and a pop-top roof allow for great positions from where to photograph the animals spotted on this Tanzania safari.
Duration 8 days   Max group size 8

Price from £3275 Remote Namibia Safari
This luxury Namibia lodge holiday spends time in remote and striking wilderness areas where you can capture images few have the opportunity to photograph.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 8

Price from £3897 Okavango & Chobe Wildlife Adventure
A small group size, open vehicles and great guides make this Botswana safari to Okavango Delta, Chobe and Victoria Falls an excellent option for photographers.
Duration 10 days   Max group size 6

Price from £8689 Botswana Wilderness Safari
A group of 8 travellers led by a top guide through the best wildlife reserves in Botswana and including the Victoria Falls offers wonderful photographic opportunities.
Duration 11 days   Max group size 8

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