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Northern Botswana Safari

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Botswana's wildlife reserves are the perfect place to seek out leopards
Private, unfenced campsites are used on this Botswana safari.
The group gathers around the camp fire each morning to watch the sun rise and prepare for the day with an early breakfast.
Comfortable stretcher beds are made up with linen, blankets and a pillow.
A wide variety of wildlife can be seen on a Botswana safari including the less sought after but no less interesting jackal.
Even the most avid animal enthusiast can't help but also appreciate the colourful and varied bird life in Botswana.
Your safari guide has a wealth of knowledge and will entertain you with stories and teach you to listen to and understand the bush.
Bucket showers hold a suprising amount of water and are a great way to wash off the day's safari dust.
The Northern Botswana Safari includes a flight over the Okavango Delta as one of the methods of travelling between wildlife areas.
If your very lucky you will see one of the rarer, less known, but no less special creatures of the Botswana wilderness.
Comfortable tents under amazing African skies, devoid of light pollution.
Open sided vehicles with canvas canopies that roll up whilst game viewing allows passengers an undisturbed view of animals and the surrounding bush.
Binoculars are an essential piece of safari equipment as they allow you a much closer look at something farther away or well hidden.

Northern Botswana Safari

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