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Our Cultural Adventures

Many of our safari adventures give travellers the chance to get to know people of a different cultural background who are living traditional lives. At each occasion your guide will introduce you to the local community in a sensitive and insightful way. We only work with community development initiatives that are beneficial to both our visitors and their hosts.

Perhaps spend some time at a Himba village in Namibia's northwest. Like East Africa's Maasai, the Himba have a proud culture that they have successfully retained in the face of the modern world. Many adhere to their traditional dress and customs, living in ways that have changed little over the centuries.

Some of our adventures stop at a Nama village. Nama people speak a Khoisan language (with clicks!). Others visit a Bushman project where you learn about the history and traditions of these fascinating people, and how the communities are now adapting to the 21st Century. These are just a few of the possibilities we offer.

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Cultural Travel

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Price from £799 Northern Namibia Camping Safari
During this Namibia camping safari you can immerse yourself in the fascinating Himba culture and meet the locals at a welcoming community.
Duration 9 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1044 Three Country African Adventure
Africa is home to a rich tapestry of cultures and lifestyles - experience a variety of cultural backgrounds as you travel Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe on this camping safari.
Duration 10 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1071 Namibia Highlights Camping Safari
A camping safari to Namibia that visits a traditional Himba village where you will learn more about their traditional culture and beliefs.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1138 Namibia Discovery Safari
Enjoy a relaxed and interactive cultural experience in Namibia's remote north west when you visit with the fascinating Himba tribe.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1421 Namibia & Botswana Safari
Spend a memorable afternoon with the Himba people and experience rural village life as you travel through Namibia and Botswana on this camping safari.
Duration 15 days   Max group size 14

Price from £1538 Great Namibia Camping Adventure
Meet friendly locals and spend time with the traditional Himba people for a memorable cultural experience whilst you travel through Namibia on this camping safari.
Duration 16 days   Max group size 14

Price from £2133 Classic Namibia Experience
Travel around Namibia's classic highlights and enjoy cultural interaction at a Himba village during this memorable lodge and luxury camping safari.
Duration 12 days   Max group size 8

Price from £4034 Classic Tanzania Safari
Travel through Tanzania in a vehicle to experience rural life on this safari that also introduces you to a Maasai chief in the Ngorongoro Highlands and an Iraqw tribe on the Rift Valley Escarpment.
Duration 10 days   Max group size 8

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